Scientific Program

Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 10th World Congress on Biopolymers & Bioplastics Zurich, Switzerland.

Day 1 :

Biopolymers 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Muhammad Asim Raza photo

I am Muhammad Asim Raza from Pakistan, I have done bachelors and masters in Polymer Engineering from Pakistan. Now I am doing PhD on scholarship bases in Radiation Science and Technology from University of Science and Technology/Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon, South Korea. I have currently completed coursework and doing research on bio-polymers and synthetic polymers. I have recently published article related to stimuli-responsive hydrogels.


Herein, we developed poly (vinyl phenol) (PVP) and carboxymethyl chitosan (CH) based electron beam crosslinked  hydrogrls for controlled drug delivery. Hydrogels were crosslinked at 15 kGY, 30 kGY and 45 kGY irradiation dose. Swelling analysis was performed in distilled water, buffer and ionic solutions.  Swelling results revealed that 15 kGy hydrogel showed optimum swelling in all solutions wheras as the irradiation was increased networking got severe. In-vitro biodegradation test was performed for one week in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). FTIR analysis exhibited the establishment of physical interactions and confirmed the incorporation of functional groups present in the hydrogel. SEM micrographs depicted porous structure of the hydrogel, which is responsible for swelling and drug loading and release. Antibacterial test exhibited good antimicrobial characteristic aganist gram positive and negative bacteria. In order to analyze drug release behaviour of hydrogrls, PBS (pH= 7.4), SIF (pH= 6.8), SGF (pH= 1.2) were chosen and UV-Vis spectroscopy was used to calculate drug release (%).