Linear Polymers

Linear polymers have a specific set of physicochemical and mechanical properties. The most important properties are the ability to form highstrength anisotropic, highly oriented fibers and films; the capacity for large, slowly developing reversibl deformations; the ability to swell in the hyperelastic state before dissolving; and the high viscosity of solutions. This set of properties results from the high molecular weight, the chain structure, and the flexibility of the macromolecules. In the transition from linear to branched, sparse threedimensional networks, and finally to dense cross linked structures, these properties become decreasingly pronounced. Strongly crosslinked polymers are insoluble, infusible, and incapable of hyperelastic deformations.

  • super absorbent polymer
  • condensation polymerization
  • Molecularweight linear polymers
  • Synthetic linear polymers
  • Relaxation linear polymers
  • Entangled linear polymers
  • Viscoelastic properties linear polymers
  • Single crystal linear polymers
  • Microencapsulated linear polymer
  • Doubly dendronized linear polymers

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